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CanGames 2016 Day 1 Report

Since the convention is already three days over (as far as I'm concerned), I figured that I should start posting up the reports on the weekend that was at CanGames 2016 today, while I have the chance. I don't really know how long and detailed these reports will be, as I didn't take all that many notes about the convention events as I usually do. So lots of this stuff is from memory and the notes that I jotted down on my mobile phone and in my notebook. However, there are some photos for each day (but not Friday, though I have hopes that someone may have taken a photo of my Primeval RPG game that night) of the convention that will go into these reports, so you'll get a bit of perspective, if nothing else, that way. This post, and the rest covering the events of each day at CanGames 2016, is behind the cut.

Friday at CanGames 2016Collapse )

And there you have the write-up for the Friday of CanGames 2016. I hope it wasn't too long for folks, and those who've read this day's write-up enjoyed it. The write-up for Saturday at CanGames will have several photos as well, trust me. :)

Happy Towel Day!

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Towel Day!

While it is a celebration of the life of Douglas Adams and all that good stuff, there is a message in there as well for everyone, even if one doesn't see it. So do something towel-ish today, and celebrate all things Hitchhiker. :)

Hump Day Thoughts

Another day, another dollar.

And it's Hump Day during this abbreviated work week due to the Victoria Day holiday on Monday.

Health-wise, I'm doing all right, but I'm in serious pain in both my left ankle and foot, and the right foot toes are hurting somewhat fierce today. The good news is I received a call yesterday from an imaging clinic to inform me I have an appointment with them at the end of June for an ultrasound of both my legs, so it seems I'm getting ready to see the vascular surgeon. One step at a time.

Sitting here at the office somewhat bored out of my mind, as it's been a really slow morning here at the work site so far. Both translation projects I'm on right now are coming along slowly.

Since I've got time on my hands... One of the rpgs that I'm looking forward to seeing is the Promised Sands remake from the folks at Harsh Realities, that will use the Sixcess Core game system. To that end, I bought the Sixcess Core system book and have been reading it during my off hours for the past day or so (about 90/291 pages through so far), and really like the game system. I just wish that it wasn't such a generic rulebook, trying to encompass everything. Looks interesting.

In the meantime, back to work. And a couple of Tylenol for good measure.

Retroactive Blog Entries

While I've been off-line for about a week, other than some scheduled blog entries that I wrote earlier), I've still be writing blog entries for myself and these cover the weekend of the 14th and the period leading up to CanGames this past weekend.

I'll be posting up these blog entries retroactively, posting them to the dates they would have appeared, so I hope folks will bear with me. Below I'll be providing a list of these entries and links to them, so folks can read them as they desire. These entries will not be linked to Twitter, so you'll need to check out this blog entry. So expect this entry to be updated several times.

Computer Problems

Board Gaming with the Friday Night Group

Still No Computer

Monday Morning Thoughts

A Sunday Afternoon of Britannia

Computer Problems II

New Chill RPG Scenario Available

Polaris RPG Pledge Manager Up

Computer Problems III

Dice to Go

Fossils Tell a Painful History

CanGames Begins Tomorrow

Packing for Friday's Session at CanGames

On This Day...

CanGames 2016 Begins Today

Heading Out to CanGames

Io Sono Venuto, Ho Gamed, Io Sopravvissuti A

Happy Victoria Day!

'Twas the Day After CanGames

Back On-Line! Hooray!

And...he's baaacck! :)

While I replied to a couple of comments in LJs yesterday evening, this is my official return to the on-line community and my first actual post since the 13th of May. The birthday posts of the 16th and the CanGames post of the same date were pre-written, scheduled entries on my part, but this is the first actual post in a while.

The reason? My internet wireless died on me on the morning of the 14th. What with Real Life(tm), CanGames, recovering from said convention, and work concerns, it's taken me some time to get back on-line.

Nice to be back. :)

'Twas the Day After CanGames

Hope everyone is having a good day. :)

While CanGames is pretty much a done deal for me, the convention actually continued today as it celebrated its 40th Anniversary with an extra partial day of gaming.

While I'm feeling extremely tired and am having some serious left ankle and foot pain and swelling, and some mild back aches today, I have to say that I had a pretty good time and a mostly enjoyable weekend at CanGames 2016. The convention had a little bit for everyone - from children's games, through board games, miniature games, roleplaying games, and I think there were a couple of LARP events that I may have heard about - but I'll be the first to admit I didn't have too much time to see lots of stuff. (I did take a few photos with my mobile phone, and hope that a few others who took photos at the convention will share them with me or put some of them up!)

On this holiday Monday, I've been trying to take it somewhat easy. A bit of reading, watching some PVR and/or DVD stuff, unpacking and sorting out the gaming stuff and then putting things away, and jotting down a couple of basics for the LJ blogs I intend to write up about this year's CanGames (there will likely be three or four of these, with some photos as well).

I'm hoping that the rest of this month is relatively calm and quiet in terms of everything, and that I can sort out a few health problems I'm currently suffering from.

For now, changing the bed linen awaits.

Then, I'll probably start the re-install of the operating system of the computer, and see if I can a) get it running properly; and b) get back on the interwebs.

Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day!

Today is Monday, Victoria Day.

I would like to wish all my fellow Canadians and all my Canadian LJ friends a very Happy and safe Victoria Day.

Have a good day, get some rest in preparation for the (albeit shorter) week to come, and if you're around any fireworks tonight, be safe and enjoy!
I have returned home.

I came, I gamed, I survived. (Relatively well, I might add.)

I've just come home from CanGames 2016 (well, about fifteen minutes ago), and have come through the convention relatively well. There were some ups and downs and one major problem, but the convention was pretty good fun. I will be posting up three or four journal entries during the next week or so about the convention, but for now I'm just glad CanGames is over for this year, 2016.

Got back to the house around 10:25 pm or so, but have not unpacked any of the gaming stuff and am about to go lie down before tonight's insulin injection, and then get some sleep. My legs and feet are bothering me quite badly, my left ankle and foot are quite swollen and sore, hurting actually, and I'm just plain tired.

Good night, all.

Heading Out to CanGames

Got home about 20 minutes ago, and I'm just waiting for spross before I head out to this year's installment of Ottawa's gaming convention, CanGames.

I'm looking forward to the convention, and hope to see some folks from the interwebs there this year. If you see me, please pop by and say "Hi." Or better yet, join in one of the four games that I'll be running this year!

In the meantime, hope everyone has a good Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, and that my American friends have a good weekend, too. :)

Game on!

CanGames 2016 Begins Today

Well, today is the start of CanGames, the local gaming convention here in Ottawa. I'll be getting back to the house hopefully around 11:00 am or so from work, and then will put together some of the stuff that I'll need for the con, among other things.

Once more, for those who are going to the convention or who might be interested, here's the listing of the games that I'm running with times and descriptions included...

The Devil and Mr. Sutton
Game: Primeval RPG
Time: Friday, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 6
Description: Working on Peter Capaldi's "Believe It or Not" tv series has always involved strange things...but this time, it's-- a ghost train? Come on! And what the heck is an Anomaly? What the heck have we gotten ourselves into??

Havoc on Irminger
Game: Polaris 3rd Edition RPG
Time: Saturday, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: Hired by the Cult of the Trident to secure the release of one of their operatives, you travel to a small, remote station. Can it be that simple? Adventure in the sf post-apocalyptic underwater rpg world!

The Beast of Bytown
Game: Chill 3rd Edition RPG
Time: Saturday, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: An accident at a construction site in what will become Bell's Corners seems to have unleashed some sort of evil. With SAVE in its infancy, can a group of concerned citizens (the player envoys) figure out what's going on, and stop the beast(s) of Bytown?

Havoc on Irminger II
Game: Polaris 3rd Edition RPG
Time: Sunday, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: Hired by the Cult of the Trident to secure the release of one of their operatives, you travel to a small, remote station. Can it be that simple? Adventure in the sf post-apocalyptic underwater rpg world!

I've also got a bunch of stuff that I'll be selling at the convention this year (you can see the list of games for sale at this blog entry and two earlier ones), and hopefully I can sell this stuff for some reasonable sums, as I could use a bit of money for later in the year.

Health-wise, I have a couple of problems that I've gone into in other posts, so won't dwell on here. I've been struggling to walk of late, and shoes don't fit too well and are rather tight on my ankle and top arch. I have no idea how well I'll be walking at the convention this year, but we'll see what happens. And don't be surprised if I take off my shoes at times during the course of the convention. The weekend should be interesting, to say the least.

Since my home computer is off-line for a bit longer, I won't be spending any time on the computer this weekend, so folks will have to wait for when I've got the computer set up again for the 'net, and have spare time for the post-convention report for stuff about CanGames 2016. I may tweet from the convention on my mobile phone over the weekend, and will hopefully take a few photos as well of stuff for posting here and elsewhere.

In any event, I hope I'll see some of you at the convention. Since you've seen the photo of me here on my blog, you'll know who to look for. The hair's a bit more gray, and there's a bit less of it, that's all. :)


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