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Gaming Is Off For Today (Sunday)

Once more, today gaming is cancelled.

Tammy is doing stuff for work, so we will not be gaming this afternoon.

I'll miss the chance to finally get the Sunday Polaris RPG campaign off the ground, but to be honest, I'm not complaining.

I'm going to spend the afternoon doing a marathon of watching some Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episodes from Season One on DVD. So the day is not a total loss, and it will be relaxing. :)

Happy Birthday, Jason Flemyng!

Sep. 25th, 2015 at 11:01 AM
There's a birthday in the Primeval tv series family today.

Happy Birthday to Jason Flemyng today!

Jason is the talented actor who played Danny Quinn in Series 3 of the Primeval tv series, and who reprised the role in Series 4 a couple of times. Jason, who turns 49 years of age today, has a pretty impressive CV in movies and tv, appearing in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), Rob Roy (1995), From Hell (2001), and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003). He's done some prominent work in both theatre and television in the UK (check out the link above). He also speaks fluent French. A lot of tv and science fiction fans remember him for his work on Primeval UK, though he's done a lot of other work, too. One of his more memorable turns of recent years was as the villainous Vadim in The Musketeers (2014).

I can't say that Danny Quinn was one of my favourite characters in Primeval, but I certainly warmed to him by the end of Series 3, and was sorry to see him depart. His reappearance in Series 4 came as quite a surprise, a pleasant one.

So here's wishing Jason Flemyng a terrific birthday today!

Sunday Morning and Duvet Thoughts

Had a relatively difficult last couple of days due to stomach and bowel problems, so I spent a relatively quiet afternoon yesterday, and did some reading and working on a couple of gaming ideas I've got.

I also managed to pick up a new duvet for those "between seasons" periods of the year, and put that on my bed last night. Here's a picture of it on the bed. Just the right length on all sides, and quite colourful.

Went to bed last night, and slept like a baby. Toasty warm in the bed. Woke up this morning feeling a lot better, and ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at me today.

Friday Game Report - Polaris RPG Session 2

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued with their newly launched Polaris RPG campaign. This blog records the game session, and provides readers with an idea of what happened in the game session. You can read about the previous game session in this blog entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


In which the player characters go about their business (or pleasure) on Equinox, but a pair of characters have an explosive timeCollapse )

Friday night's game session of the Polaris RPG was a highly enjoyable one for me, and judging by the reaction of the players, they had a pretty good time of it as well. This game session had a bit of everything in it, and this was good as the players pointed out that the evening was anything but dull, despite the lack of "combat" in this session. There was a good deal of roleplaying on the part of the players, and some really nice, and somewhat slick, interaction between players/players and players/NPCs.

Overall, a good session of the Polaris RPG campaign for the Friday nighters, and a session that has sooooo much that will come of it in future sessions. Now if I could just get the player characters together as a whole, but you know what they say about leading player characters to water... :)

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming

Have spent a nice, quiet restful couple of days doing nothing of importance. Work has been taking up most of my time, and just trying to get my head around some personal problems and the like.

In the meantime, I've spent part of this afternoon doing a bit of work and getting ready for tonight's game session of the Polaris RPG campaign with the Friday night players. I'm quite looking forward to this evening's game, and am eager to see what the players get up to.

However, I guess I'd better head upstairs and make supper for the evening before gaming. Not sure what I'll make for supper tonight, but am thinking perhaps I'll have pasta and meat sauce, with a salad on the side.

Have a good night, folks.
Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group launched the start of their Polaris RPG campaign. You can read about the characters the players created in this blog entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


The player characters find themselves on Equinox, and not all greetings go wellCollapse )

Wednesday night's game session of the Polaris RPG campaign was a fun, enjoyable evening of gaming once the players got into the campaign itself, and I rather enjoyed myself very much. The opening session was more designed to introduce the players and their characters to the game world, specifically to Equinox, and I thought that things went rather well. Several of the sub-plots of the characters are starting to play out, and there's the grand mystery of what happened to the Ariston that will be dealt with as part of other matters as the game goes forward. Donna summed last night's session up best: "There's going to be some conflict between the player characters before this one's done." Understatement.

Overall, the first session of the Wednesday night Polaris RPG campaign went really well, and I'm looking forward to continuing on with this, and seeing how it plays out.

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming

Getting ready for this evening's game with the Wednesday night group.

The players will be starting their Polaris RPG campaign this evening, and I'm quite looking forward to the game with them.

However, we'll be eating supper together this evening, so I've just ordered the pizza for supper tonight, and am awaiting the arrival of the gaming group. In the meantime, I need to clean up a bit upstairs and do some dishes before everyone gets here.

Have a good night, folks.

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs of Canada

Over on the Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs blog site, there's a neat piece today on vintage dinosaur art from Canada.

Vintage Dinosaur Art: Dinosaurs of Canada

It's H.G. Wells's Birthday

For those who are unaware of such things or just plain don't necessarily care about them, today is H.G. Wells's birthday. Well, would have been, if he were still alive.

An outspoken socialist and pacifist, Wells is considered one of the two "Fathers of Science Fiction" (the other being Jules Verne). He led a remarkable life, wrote some fascinating books that were and still are considered science fiction romances, but had other claims to fame as well.

While I first read Asimov's Foundation as my introduction to science fiction when I was 9 or so, it was Wells's The Time Machine that may well have cemented my love of the genre, and taught me that "modern" sf in 1965 or thereabouts had predecessors that were just as important to read and know about.

Rest well, George Herbert Wells. You earned it.

I've Been Earwormed!

I have been earwormed for the day.

Since it's such a good song, and such a good band, I figured I would "share" the earworm.

Suffer!Enjoy! :)


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