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Tonight's Episode of Defiance (Spoilers Below)

Just finished watching tonight's episode of Defiance on Showcase, and have to say that was an enjoyable episode...

...but, to be honest, I don't understand the title of the episode, "The Bride Wore Black". Sure, the episode was about the Alak Tarr/Christie McCawley wedding and all, but the other plot was actually more central in so many ways that the wedding story got a bit lost in the overall episode (for me, anyways).

The murder investigation into the death of Hunter Bell, Kenya's husband, was interesting to be sure, though I definitely didn't see the resolution of that one coming at all. It was interesting to see the flashbacks pertaining to Hunter Bell, and the various characters' perceptions and recollections of him back in the day. There are some very dark characters in the series, to be sure, and they're not the folks that one expects them to be.

Other than that, a very enjoyable episode that added to the series appeal. The characters are all multi-level, very realistic in style and feel, with their passions and emotional aspects well realised. I'm looking forward to seeing ow the wedding changes the relationship between Alak and Christie, as well as that between the Tarrs and the McCawleys overall, and how that dynamic will come out. Lots of shtako I expect, to be sure! :)

Anyway, very sleepy, so heading for bed now. Good night, all.
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