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Thoughts From Work

Woke up this morning somewhat tired, but not feeling any worse or better than I have for the last few days. So that's an accomplishment.

While I could have opted to take the day off from work, and have an extended Canada Day long weekend, I've chosen not to, and am sitting at my desk getting ready to deal with all the stuff that seems to have piled up here. I'll be taking tomorrow, the 3rd, off from work, since it's my birthday, and I have to be home by 12:00 noon anyway because my new stove is being delivered and installed at the house.

The plan for today is to work through the day, and get as much done as I possibly can. I've got a few other things on my plate to deal with when I get home today, but am planning to take things as easy as I can for the rest of the week, as with the Canada Day long weekend and all, everything gets somewhat disrupted in terms of the routine for the week.

Meanwhile, a cup of herbal tea, peppermint I think, and then back to the morning's work.
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