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A Kickstarter Thought (Minor Rant)

Remember my blog entry about Kickstarter burnout that I posted up a week ago?

Well, I'm not going to name specific Kickstarters ongoing right now, but I have to say... One of them really has got me annoyed. Without naming names, okay... I understand that you're kickstarting a game supplement that's been in the works for at least 4 years. But explain to me why this book needs $15,000 for funding as your actual goal? That's excessive for a print book, unless there's something really fancy about this book that we, the fans, don't know about. Or is this about covering the cost of some of the basic stretch goals?

And why is it going to take until March, 2014 for this book to come out when it's been in writing and development for at least 4 years? What have you been doing with this game book material all that time? Having it sit on a virtual shelf collecting dust?

Anyway, combined with several other factors (notably the money crunch due to household stuff going on), I've decided not to back this particular Kickstarter. But really... sheesh!
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