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It's My Birthday

Well, today is my birthday. I'm not embarrassed about my age; I turn 58 years old today. No real motto for today, but I do feel that it's gotta be a better year than the previous one was. :) For the most part, I suppose the previous year was a pretty difficult year, and 57 saw a few too many health problems crop up, although there were some great moments scattered among the rough patches. I like to think that I am something of a better person for it and all. The year saw various ups and downs in my life, but *that is life*. That's how it works.

So, what was 1955 like? Well, a lot of stuff happened in 1955.

The Wikipedia page on events in 1955 gives a good account of what happened during the year.

For some of the musical stuff that was going on back in 1955, check out this good link.

Some of the movies from that year include Bad Day at Black Rock directed by John Sturges, The Blackboard Jungle directed by Richard Brooks, East of Eden directed by Elia Kazan, one of my favourite films of all-time, Kiss Me Deadly directed by Robert Aldrich, Disney's Lady and the Tramp, The Night of the Hunter directed by Charles Laughton, Rebel Without a Cause directed by Nicholas Ray, The Rose Tattoo directed by Daniel Mann, The Seven Year Itch directed by Billy Wilder, and of course, To Catch a Thief directed by Alfred Hitchcock, to name but a few.

Lots of good stuff the year of my birth.

As is my wont these days, I'm not going to celebrate my birthday all that much this year, although I'll be spending some time with friends and family. I'm not feeling all that bad, thank Goddess ::knock on wood::, though my back is a bit sore, and my health is relatively good for the moment. And that's with the type 2 diabetes. Lots of stuff to do this month, as I've got a few roleplaying projects on the go, and a few other things. Today promises to be a busy day, as I've got a new stove being delivered to the house, so that's going to be a mess to clean up after the guys from Sears leave. I'll likely go out to dinner a couple of times with friends this week and on the coming weekend, and am looking forward to that. There may also be a blackforest cake and a small dram of Bailey's Irish Cream sometime today, or possibly on Sunday, but I'm not going to be indulging too much. (Besides, if I can't have a bit of cake or whatever on my birthday, when can I, I ask you?)

Anyway, I hope that I'm a better person in the coming year, and I hope that I get a bit of happiness, good health, peace and prosperity for the coming year as well.
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