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Hump Day Thoughts

Woke up this morning, my birthday, feeling somewhat tired, but I slept all right last night. Had a few strange dreams, but nothing out of the ordinary for me (at least I don't think so), but nothing memorable.

Today is Wednesday, so it's Hump Day for those who are working today (I'm not, see below why). The weather in Ottawa is expected to be quite warm, with a temperature in the upper 20s Celsius and somewhat high humidity. The story of my life <g>, in more ways than one! :)

I've taken work off for the day, as I'm expecting the delivery and installation of a new stove at the house sometime "between 9 and 5" today. Ah, the specific time versions of deliveries and installations. *sigh* There were a few things I wanted to do today, seeing as it's my birthday, but such is not fated to be.

I'll probably be going out to dinner somewhere tonight, with my mom (and possibly some friends), but it depends on when the installation of the stove will be done. I expect there will also be a mess on the floors and such when they're done with that, and so that will need to be cleaned up as well.

As for the rest of it, just going to take it easy today and try and relax as much as possible.

And hope for a PDF or three in the e-mail stuff today! :)
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