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Weekend Highlights

Had a pretty mundane, pretty normal weekend.

Friday night, the gaming group played the Desolation campaign game they are involved with, and "Herbquest" continued along at its usual pace and rate. I think that one of the most special things about this scenario is how varied, and how lovingly connected and intricate the plots are in this, given the connection to the Paul Jacquays adventure that I'm using as a base starting point. Joanne, the relatively "new" player in the gaming group, has never been through "Herbquest" before, and she is rather enjoying the adventure, and her infectiousness has spread to her fellow players.

Sunday's gaming group was still doing some sample combats for the Hollow Earth Expedition campaign that they're starting in again, but I think both spross and Tammy are getting somewhat disillusioned with the combat elements, since they're not doing well, even with the help of two other characters. spross was feeling under the weather and that may have been part of it (I really hope he hasn't given the nice bug to me or Tammy, but we'll see...).

The weekend also saw me finish reading the January issue of Locus magazine, the newspaper of the science fiction field, and I managed to read The Doomsday Brunette by John Zakour and Lawrence Ganem, the second book in the Zachary Nixon Johnson sf/noir pastiche series of books. In three days! Sometimes I surprise myself.

Anyway, off to the kitchenette here at work for a cuppa tea before starting work for the day...


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    2 May 2023, 13:20
    I'm sorry that your foot is causing you so many issues. A foot ulcer sounds scary to deal with as well as uncomfortable.

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