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New Stove Installed, Sort Of

My brand new stove has just been delivered and sort of installed.

I say "sort of" because the stove was put in place, but doesn't sit right on the floor (due to the electric cord at the back being partially out of place), and so the stove wobbles. I've called Sears and arranged for the installation and/or service guys to come back to the house and fix things right. In the meantime, here's a photo of the new stove...


Don't mind the mess all over the place. :) I used to have spice jars of various sorts on top of the stove ledge at the back, but the back ledge here is narrowed and curved to prevent just this. So I need to go out and buy a couple of spice racks that I can put on one of the counters (just what I need, more room for stuff on the counters!)

Anyway, so far, so good. Back to doing other things.
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