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Thursday Morning Thoughts

It's Thursday morning, and another day in the life.

Woke up somewhat tired after last night's outing for Chinese food and all, and got to bed rather later than I had planned, since I knew that I had to go to work this morning. The new stove seems to work fine, but the installers need to return and balance the machine properly on the floor and all that stuff. It wobbles a bit too much. Another hot day is expected in the Ottawa valley today, so I'm quite glad that I'm in the office for work today.

That said, I'll be leaving the office early today, as I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon. I had gone to the doctor last week, as my back has been bothering me quite a bit, and Dr. Quack was somewhat concerned as the swelling from the bulging disc is much more evident so he set up an appointment with a neurosurgeon. We'll see what happens with this, but I hope things can be remedied in ways other than surgery.

Had to get a ride to work from Donna and the car pool today, as my car got taken into the shop (again). The car's leaking oil, and so I called the shop yesterday and the folks from the Chrysler dealer came and picked up the car as I was getting ready to go to work. Hopefully, I'll get the car back before the weekend, but I'm not sure and it'll depend on what needs to be done about the oil leaking. Meanwhile, it means that I'll be taxiing to the hospital for the appointment with the neurosurgeon, so...

Work is relatively quiet so far, though there's a rather sizeable stack of paperwork that I need to get to this morning. So I'd better get back to it.
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