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Birthday Report 2013

So, yesterday was my birthday. What did I do? Not much, to be honest.

I woke up around the usual time of 5:30 am, but was able to roll over and go back to sleep as I wasn't working yesterday. After the morning ablutions and eating breakfast while browsing the newspaper, I opened the birthday card from my sister. Very nice, but very serious, no doubt reflecting the health issues that all the members of my family have been going through since December. The weather outside was already quite warm, as per usual on my birthday in July, and it was going to be a bit of a scorcher, but not as uncomfortable as it's been the last little while, only around 29oC for the day. Just another July day in Ottawa.

I wasn't working for the day as I was expecting Sears to come and deliver and install my new stove sometime between 9 am and 5 pm. I spent the day moving the stuff in my long hallway from the entrance to the house past the kitchen and into the dining room/living room area, and by the time I was done, my back was killing me. Also had to move everything off the stove and empty the stove bottom drawer. I wasn't happy, 'cause now there was stuff all over the place. I retreated to the living room and the den for the rest of the day, either reading or doing some creative writing, the latter of which I haven't done in a while. Felt good to get back to it.

My mother called around 1:00 pm and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with her. I said that would be fine, but when she said she thought we might go to Brother Wu for Chinese food. I said this was a good idea, and asked if I could invite spross and his folks along, as I wanted to have a decent variety of food at the table for the night, and it takes more than two people to do so. :) She was amenable, and though I didn't know when the Sears fellows were going to be there to install the stove, I called spross and arranged to meet at the restaurant for dinner around 7:00 - 7:30 pm.

The Sears guys came over to the house around 3:30 pm and delivered and installed the stove. Sort of. I say that because because the stove was put in place, but doesn't sit right on the floor (due to the electric cord at the back being partially out of place), and so the stove wobbles. (And when I made breakfast this morning, I can tell the stove is tilted down and out somewhat, so food cooking doesn't rest flat on it.) I've called Sears and arranged for the installation and/or service guys to come back to the house and fix things right. They'll be here Monday. Once the stove was installed and they had left, I needed to move all the items of furniture and stuff back into the hallway as well as clean up the kitchen somewhat and figure out where everything has to go now. That wasn't fun. By the time I was finished, it was after 6:00 pm, and mom arrived to take me to the restaurant, as my car has an oil leak and wasn't going anywhere. I had some unpleasant time in the lavatory, and by the time I was able to get going it was already a quarter to 7. I agreed to drive mom's car, and we got to the restaurant around 10 past 7.

spross and his folks were already at Brother Wu's, but his mom told us that they had just arrived. We chatted for a bit over Chinese tea while looking at the menus, and then placed the order. I had a bowl of mustard green soup, a couple of gow tien (pan-fried dumplings), some moo she chicken, a few garlic spareribs, and helpings of the sizzling beef, beef with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, chicken lo mein, and Buddha's delight (a marvellous vegetable dish). I wasn't full when supper was over, but the food was pretty good. spross and his mom gave me birthday cards, both of which were humourous, and the conversation around the table was pleasant enouugh, but eventually we all left the restaurant. mom dropped me off at my house, and came inside for a cup of tea, and she gave me my birthday card (which she'd forgot to do earlier in the evening).

I got to bed relatively early, around 11:00 pm or so, and did a bit of reading before trying to fall asleep. I was nervous about the appointment with the neurosurgeon the next day (today), but was feeling quite tired, and my back was hurting something fierce. Seem to have slept relatively well, and woke up to start the Thursday after the birthday and go to work for several hours.
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