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Night Hospital Visit

Today has been a very bad day.

Last night, I got a call about twenty to midnight, from Kathy, saying that Steve Bauer had another heart attack, and that he was at the Ottawa General. I got dressed and went to the hospital as quickly as I could manage, and spent until around 3:00 am with them at the hospital. The doctors weren't sure that Steve had had a heart attack or just some sort of "cardiac event", but they said that it might be his diabetes medication (sound familiar, folks?), and decided to keep him there for several more hours.

I went home from the hospital, but as you can imagine, didn't sleep all that well - and forgot to turn off the alarm clock. :( When the alarm went off, I groggily got up and decided that I needed to spend a bit more time asleep. I woke again at about seven, and called work, and told my boss that I wouldn't be in today, and why. He said it was no problem, and I went back to sleep, waking again about 8:30. I called Kathy on her cell (that she only uses for emergencies), and learned that Steve had been sent home at 7:00 am, and he seemed to be fine. She told me that she's taking no chances, and he'll be staying home for the next few days, but, assuming Steve is up to it, said that we can game tomorrow night, but it'll have to be at their place. I got no problem with that, so we'll see how things shape up tomorrow.

So I'm taking today off, and have mixed emotions about all kinds of things right now. And still have to face the stress test tomorrow morning as well. I'm going to try and read something now, and get my mind off all this stuff. And maybe catch a few more Zs while I'm at it...
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