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Playing Primeval RPG on Sunday Afternoon

I just got home from dinner out with spross at Dunn's Famous Deli this evening. Since I've got about half an hour to unwind before tonight's episode of Continuum, I thought I'd post this.

spross ran the Primeval RPG on the Sunday group (just Tammy and me), and overall it was a pretty enjoyable game session. The first order of business was creating characters for the game. Since I'm playing a palaeontologist in the Friday night game that Nick is running (see this blog post for more on that game), I didn't want to play the same type of character (much as it would have been useful for spross's game). So I settled on creating something different, and have created journalist James Henderson, a tabloid reporter who served three years in the military. I haven't worked out all the background on the character, but I think he'll be interesting to play.

spross wasn't completely ready to run the game, as it was painfully obvious that he hadn't fully read the rules and didn't have an inkling about some of the stuff. Not surprising, since he only decided to run the game on Saturday afternoon. He did an adequate job of running the starting couple of combats, though he lets Tammy get away with far too much stuff both mechanically and "creatively", but that's the way he is when he games.

In any event, I'm looking forward to seeing how he runs the game for the month, and what he comes up with in terms of an adventure or two over the course of next three or four weeks.
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