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Home After Footcare and Food Thoughts

Just got home from the footcare clinic appointment and lunch about 10 minutes ago.

I'm actually quite annoyed.

The normal lady who treats my feet is away, spending the week in England. Her replacement for the treatment today was another woman who has treated my feet before, but who doesn't, for lack of a better term, have a soft touch. Unfortunately for me, today she really didn't have a soft touch, and as a result, my left pinky toe is bleeding and hurting me from where she cut the nail too close and the blood vessels that are close to the surface of the pinky were cut. She treated me with alcohol, put some Polysporin on the toe, and band-aided me, but it hurts like heck now and is making it quite difficult to walk on. Not to mention I don't know if the bleeding has stopped, though nothing has come through on my sock.

After the footcare appointment, I went out to eat at Harvey's, and had a bottle of water, a grilled chicken sandwich, and an order of fries. Tasted quite good, even more so given how hungry I was, and then I came home.

Going to relax for the next couple of hours and sit back and read some stuff on-line pertaining to the Ringworld RPG, and will then make some supper.
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