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Good Saturday Morning

Woke up this morning feeling groggy and stuffed up as usual.

Had a good night with the Friday night gaming group, as Nick continued his running of the Primeval RPG, though I didn't get to bed until roughly 1:15 am.

Think I slept all right, but the allergies are just getting to me something fierce. Add to that the pain in the pinky toe that got cut and is still bleeding at times, and well...sleep didn't seem all that restful to me.

Took a walk this morning to the best of my ability given the badly damaged toe, and it was quite comfortable outside while I did, only around 18oC or so, relatively comfortable except for the humidity in the air. Once back inside, I towelled off and made some breakfast - scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, green onions, and mushrooms. Lovely! Washed it down with decaf coffee, and then read a bit of Primeval RPG material and jotted some notes on a convention scenario I want to write up.

Good productive morning. :)
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