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Playing Primeval RPG on Friday Night, Part 2

As mentioned, I promised I'd blog about Friday night's game session.

Nick is running the Primeval RPG game at the moment for all of July as his birthday present to me, and we started to play last week. For those who care and want to know, see the previous blog entry on the game.

In any event, I'm playing Daniel Halvorsen, the resident palaeontologist, in the game, and we have a good mix of player characters in the group. Kathy is playing Andrea Hope, a fine arts major who is taking a palaeo course with my character. Nick is playing Scott Reed, a U of B.C. football player and athlete who's been approached by a mysterious organisation, but they've not recruited him successfully yet. Tom is playing Archibald Wright, one of the operatives of said mysterious organisation, and a good man with a gun. Joanne is playing Helen Johnson, a scientist with an interest in botany. Angela is playing Georgia Heart, a photojournalist who claims to be a legitimate one but has some rather shady contacts. And finally, David is playing Captain Richard Davenport, a soldier in the Canadian military working with something called Project Magnet. Like I said, interesting mix of characters.

As the scenario continued, the characters split up to find out as much information as they could about what they had encountered in the B.C. woods. I found out that the creature we'd encountered in the forest was a Lycaenops, and the group went back out there to see what we could learn, Davenport bringing a few military personnel for back-up. Suffice it to say, we found the Anomaly (our first!), and had to deal with two more lycaenops (who killed several of the military personnel), and a bloody time was had by all. Oh, and Ellie was introduced as Sandra Jones, a young girl we found in the woods.

I've been having a really terrific time playing with Nick running the game, and he's doing a good job with the Primeval RPG and the others seem to be having a good time of it as well. Nick is doing a really good job running the game, but he's still having a few learning curve issues with the Threat system. So far, so good, and I am looking forward to the next game session.
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