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Getting Ready for Hospital Appointment

Been up for a couple of hours, as I just couldn't get a lot of rest last night.

Have already shaved, showered, and had breakfast, and am putting together the travel kit of stuff that I need for today's time to be spent at the hospital having the series of MRIs and other tests done.

I need to be at the hospital for 9:30 am this morning, so will be leaving the house around 8:30 or so. Hopefully, I've packed enough stuff to read for the day and have remembered to take all the things that I will need with me for the day.

Will try to blog and/or tweet during the day at the hospital, but don't know whether I'll be able to and whether I'll be able to get a signal out with my mobile phone.

Am also pretty worried about the installation of new windows at the house tomorrow and Friday (and hopefully not into next week as well), and am pretty stressed out right now. But hey, one thing at a time.
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