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A Day at the Hospital

Just woke up from a well deserved nap after returning from the hospital after today's tests and all.

Figured I would blog something about the day, but I'll just quote my tweets from the day, and a few thoughts that I noted down on my mobile phone Inkpad app. :)

8 hours ago
Just arrived at hospital. Why does it always start with filling out forms and a blood test (or three)?

7 hours ago
Just had the first series of blood tests. Feel a bit woozy. Lot of blood taken. Going for the first MRI soon.

One of the things I really hate about hospitals, notably in certain rooms, is the anaesthetic smell that they have. Except in the room where it just smells of the air conditioning that's being used. Not that I'm not grateful about having the air conditioning, given the weather outside.

6 hours ago
Just finished up the first of the MRIs. Same as the last one I had back in 2012. Being allowed a "light lunch" before the second one at 1:15.

5 hours ago
Lunch, such as it was, done. "Light lunch" they had me eat wasn't light. It was bird serving. :-(

Hospital jello still tastes like hospital jello. And that soup I just had definitely did not have any mushrooms in it.

4 hours ago
Just finished up the second MRI about 10 minutes ago. Soaked in sweat from some of the drugs given to me. Next one in 90 minutes or so.

4 hours ago
Nap time.

The nap was a good nap. I needed it. Just wish I could go home, but still got to have the third MRI done.

3 hours ago
About to have the third MRI of the day. Not looking forward to it. Headachy and thirsty.

2 hours ago
Finished the last of the MRIs. Getting ready to head home.

1 hour ago
Home from the hospital. Finally. The tests are over, thank goodness. Need drink and nap in that order.

Feel better after the nap that I had here at the house, but moreso I suspect from having the drink of a bottle of water with Crystal Light mix. Need to decide what I'm going to eat for supper, but I've settled on Chinese food of some sort. Better place the order.


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