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A Day of Window Installations

As mentioned in the previous post, the installation of the new windows at the house began today. The process is/was supposed to take two days, but as you'll see below, I got lucky.

The following are a series of thoughts jotted down on my Inkpad app for my mobile phone and based on the series of tweets I've posted today.

11 hours ago
Installation of the new windows at the house begins today, and will continue tomorrow.

Depending on how this works out, don't know where I'll be living the next few days (or even week) and whether I'll have computer access.

8 hours ago
The workmen who are installing the windows have arrived. They've agreed to move the furniture around that needs to be moved, as well as replace it, and also to removing and replacing the curtain rods, blinds, and drapes in the house. Am quite relieved.

The head guy of the workmen has just told me that the installation of the new windows will take place today, and will be wrapped up this afternoon. The end units of the condos have seven or so windows, and usually only a crew of 2 guys, but I've lucked out with a crew of five guys plus the crew boss. Yay!

They will do the lower level of the house first. So the bedroom, basement bathroom, and den windows will be done first.

Work at the house on the windows has begun. I've just shut down the computer downstairs, and packed it away in a cupboard for safekeeping and to prevent too much dirt and grime on it.

Bedroom almost done. Basement bathroom and den in process.

Everything is organised and disposition of the window air conditioner and stuff in the house is established. Heading over to Denny's for (late) breakfast.

The process of window installation has been pretty easy. These guys (6 of them) have a lot of experience at this. :-)

Sitting at Denny's, and eating. Nice and cool. Air conditioning is off at the house. Very warm outside (and inside) now. Not good for my health. Not helping allergies either. :-(

Just finished breakfast at Denny's. Need to go back to the house soon. Don't really want to. Dust. Dirt. Allergies. Sick. Oh my.

7 hours ago
Home again. Just what I was afraid of. Windows in various states of installation. Wasps are everywhere in house. Counted at least ten. Even more flies.

The basement windows (bedroom, bathroom, and den) are almost finished, and they've started in on the upper floor windows, notably the dining room window and the kitchen window. So far, so good. The crew chief told me they are actually slightly ahead of schedule.

He also told me that it was a good thing the windows are being done now. They weren't supposed to replace the window frames and trim on some of them, but three of them are suffering dry rot, so they're doing that too. Thank goodness.

6 hours ago
Can't stay at the house right now. Heat too much. Dirt and drywall dust everywhere. Don't know want to do.

The guys are taking advantage of the case of Diet Ginger Ale that I've left for them, and are making good progress through it.

5 hours ago
What I feared has happened. Three of the drapes and blinds don't fit the new windows. :-( They've decided to help things out and have re-shaped one of the blinds (a more flexible type), and that one fits. The other two will have to be re-made, but that's all right as they're damaged to begin with. (Not the workmen's fault. The draws to raise and lower the blinds are damaged.)

And yes... The heat and the bloody mess in the house is making me extremely tetchy. ::sad look::

4 hours ago
Windows installation complete. House a mess and boiling hot. Heading out to a light lunch. Have cleaned the area of the ductless a/c, and have turned it on. Hope house is somewhat cooler when I get back.

Ate lunch at Swiss Chalet. Remember why I don't eat here usually any more.

3 hours ago
Back home from lunch. Time to start cleaning up. Wish me luck. *cough, cough*

Turns out before the workmen left, they did a pretty thorough clean-up of the house. I need to dust a few things, and have lots of vacuuming to do, but the house is remarkably clean and the windows are quite nice. I'm feeling very hot, very tired, and still somewhat sick, and there's stuff that still needs to be replaced on shelves and the like, but that can wait.

In the meantime, I will probably head over to the Conroy Pub for supper this evening, but it'll be a somewhat later supper than I like.

I'm just relieved that the window installation is done with (assuming no problems crop up), and that a) it was done in one day; and b) there was almost no clean-up for me to do, other than basic things. Yes, I was stressed about this, and it was deserved in many ways. But it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. And for that, I'm really grateful.
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