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As promised, I thought I'd blog at the moment about Friday night's gaming session while I've got the time.

I wasn't actually sure during the week that we were going to game on Friday night, given that the windows at the house were being replaced with new ones, so I didn't know what condition the house would be in. Turned out things were fine, albeit some cleaning up needed to be done, and so we were able to game.

Nick continued to run the Primeval RPG, as he has been for the month of July, and it was a pretty fun session. You can read about the previous session in this blog entry.

This new scenario started mundanely enough, as my Daniel Halvorsen received a call from an old colleage of his, Dr. Peter Marshall, who asked for my help investigating a mysterious death up in a small village in British Columbia, some 100 miles south of the city of Vancouver. Kathy's Andrea Hope accompanied me, and we encountered Joanne's Helen Johnson and Angela's Georgia Heart while out there. The evidence indicated a creature of some sort, possibly out of time but possibly not. Nick's Scott Reed showed up, as he's shown a romantic interest in Andrea, and we went looking into matters a bit more. And encountered velociraptors! After a harrowing time of it, I reluctantly made a call to David's Captain Richard Davenport, but he was already there with some of his men, investigating another death in the area and some mysterious plants. Suffice it to say, things got somewhat hairy before the end of the session, but we still hadn't found the Anomaly yet. :(

In any event, Nick ran a pretty good session of the Primeval RPG once more, and I had a lot of fun playing my character and getting into all manner of trouble. He's got a really good grasp now on the rules, although still struggles with Story Point management at times, but he told me last night that he's having a good time running the system, and keeps being surprised by the ease of the mechanics for the Vortex games.

I'm definitely looking forward to next week's session of the game. :)


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