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The Royal Sprog

Learned about William and Kate's new male offspring late yesterday afternoon, as did most folks.

I'm very pleased for them at the baby's birth, seeming good health, and sheer size. (Not surprising, since both parents are quite tall themselves, if I understand correctly.) Another fine addition to the monarchy, though I actually had hoped the baby would be a little girl. The two parents made an excellent set of decisions in terms of how to deal with the media hype and spectacle that would come out of this, and managed to keep things secret long enough. Now that it's out, of course, Kate and the baby (as well as William to a lesser degree) will be the focus of madness in terms of the press and media trying to get the story, photos, etc.. So I really hope that Kate and William can shield the boy (he's still nameless, and might remain so for a good week) from the media circus that will occur now, but look forward to the bits and pieces that come from the pens, paper, (social) media, and the like for the next while...

Until the next big story comes down the pipe.
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