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Roleplaying in August

It has suddenly hit me today that I need to start prepping to begin running roleplaying games again on both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon groups.

In the Friday night group, Nick is coming to the end of his run of the Primeval RPG, and has had a good ride; he'll be wrapping up his month-long game this Friday night. In the Sunday afternoon group, spross will be finishing his run of the Primeval RPG as well, though he may take an extra week to wrap it up, as I don't see how he can finish the adventure in another week.

Either way, it means that I've got to gear up to start running again the first week of August. To tell the truth, I'm looking forward to getting back to running games again, but it's been a good vacation month away from the GM's side of the screen. I've had a pretty good time of it.

And that leads me to this. I've decided that I will not be continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaign that I started before my July sabbatical from GMing. I'm not comfortable running the game, and was stressing out about some of the stuff. So I'm going to wait for the actual rulebook to come out in print before running Atlantis: The Second Age again. So, what am I going to run, you ask? Simple. I'm going to start up the Primeval RPG campaigns on both the Friday night and Sunday afternoon groups again. It's a system that I like, has simple mechanics, and both player groups really like the game. Once the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG comes out, which won't be until at least October, then I'll see how the players are feeling about things, and how I'm doing with the Primeval RPG.

See? Easy peasy.
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