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Hump Day Thoughts

Another Hump Day as we hit the middle of the work week.

So far, this morning has been pretty good.

Woke up to find that the temperature outside had dropped over night quite nicely, and was hovering around 13oC when I woke up.

Had a boiled egg with a cucumber sandwich (using the last two pieces of toast) for breakfast. Need to remember to buy toast bread, and I'm going to try to pick up some of that new Dempster's garden vegetable bread and see if I like it.

Since the car is back in the shop (I dropped it off yesterday on the way home), due to the leaking fluid problem and the tightness of the steering column, brakes, and gearshift, I got a ride with the car pool this morning, and that made for a pleasant trip with some discussion of all manner of subjects.

Work this morning has been quite all right, no real pressing issues, a relatively small stack of work on my desk to get to, and the boss appears to be in a somewhat jovial mood so far this morning.

Meanwhile, back to the work on the desk, and some chai tea.
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