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A Kickstarter Thought (Minor Rant) II

Some time earlier in the month, I wrote a bit of a rant about Kickstarter. You can read about this in this blog entry. I've also realised there is one other problem with Kickstarters at this time of year.

As most gamers know, this is the lead-up period to GenCon Indy, the biggest gaming convention in the world for most, and the place where a lot of new game products come out. It's also the place where a lot of Kickstarters have their products previewed or actually come out in physical copy, and that's where the problem kicks in (no pun intended).

Those of us who Kickstart products and pledge our money to these games do so in the understanding that, for the most part, we pledgers will receive the PDF of product and the like ahead of time, and that we'll be getting a good price on game products that will come out in the marketplace later on. But we also expect to get the Kickstarter product goods that we've pledged for before they become available at the local gaming store and before they can be delivered to those who pre-ordered game products on a company website or wherever.

And that's where we get screwed by conventions like GenCon. Publishers of games who Kickstart rpgs on the site also have shipping costs to deal with, and one of the ways to reduce shipping costs and thus make a bit more money than they otherwise would with the Kickstarter is to allow folks who pledged around a game to pick up their stuff at conventions like GenCon. They will also have more copies of said products to sell to the general con-goer who goes to GenCon. Thus, folks who can't make it to GenCon (have you seen the costs of flying and hotels these days??) get...screwed... in this.

I know of at least two Kickstarters that I've pledged money around that will have this happen at GenCon 2013 in Indy in a few weeks, and to be honest, I'm horked off. I understand why Kickstarter publishers handle things this way, and the whole business of GenCon being a trade show more than anything else, but I'm not looking forward to a bunch of people in the coming months talking about game products that I pledged for on Kickstarter, am paying outrageous shipping on to Canada, and will have to wait until some after GenCon (maybe a month or more) to receive (because most game companies' warehouses and the like shut down during the GenCon period).

Nuts! :(
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