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Friday Night Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 9

Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Friday night gaming group (the entries of which I'm still trying to catch up with). This session dates back to December 10th, 2011. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Ninth Session
Friday, March 30th, 2007 AD

While most of the player characters react with shock at Amanda's (Kathy) actions, David (Nick) and the two SAS soldiers, Porter and Hennessy, move quickly in that direction as the two raptor creatures attack her. Without any hesitation, Hennessy opens fire on the two creatures, as does Porter, and the two creatures' attentions are diverted to the two soldiers. The rest of the raptors dining on their meal move towards the fight at the barking of the two raptors, one of which is silenced by the hail of gunfire. The other raptors back off, and race for the shelter of the woods, even as Alexander (Tom) chastises his men for their actions, notably Hennessy. Unnoticed, Amanda and David make their way over to the badly injured rhino-like beast, but it's too late; the creature has died. Amanda cries on David's shoulder, even as the others approach them.

Jenny (Joanne) and Jessica (Angela) are at a loss of words, but Harrison (David) is able to calm her down somewhat, telling her that it's part of the natural cycle even if it did involve creatures born millenia ago. Alexander approaches them, wanting to know what the predators were. Amanda tells him that she thinks they were raptors, but there was something odd about them as she noticed that they were missing the toe claw that is associated with Velociraptors and Deinonychus. Alexander says that he doesn't care about that; he just wants to know how he can prevent these creatures from getting at the attendees remaining at the Conference.

Harrison's sharp eyes spot what appears to be a gleam of light coming from the woods to the east, and he asks the others what it is. Jenny says that it could be the Anomaly, but they need to check it out. Alexander agrees, and he orders the contrite Hennessy to accompany Harrison and Jessica, and to take Porter and Weston with him. He then tells Amanda that she took an awful risk, but she refuses to apologise for her actions, and he tells her that for now they need to examine the creatures in question. He needs to know whether they were responsible for the deaths of the two Manderley Estate workers.

While the SAS soldiers attempt to flip the land rover back over, Harrison and Amanda approach the dead raptor. After careful examination of the claws and jaws of the creature, they agree on matters, and tell Alexander that one of these creatures was responsible for the deaths of the two workers. Alexander radios back to the Estate, and tells his second-in-command, Abrahams, of the situation. At Alexander's request, Abrahams agrees to send another land rover to their location with another couple of soldiers. Alexander informs the group that some of them will wait there.

The characters agree to this, and Harrison and Jessica, along with the three SAS soldiers, depart in the land rover for what may be the Anomaly location. As the land rover approaches the edge of the forest, Jessica spots the Anomaly, about 100 metres into the forest, with a clear-cut path leading straight to it. As Hennessy radios Alexander with the news, the radio bursts into static. Close by, there is a barking sound as several of the raptors converge on the area...

While Alexander, Jenny, Amanda, and David wait for the SAS soldiers and the second land rover, Amanda and David discuss matters so far. Amanda says that she doesn't know enough about the two types of pre-historic creatures that have come through the Anomaly, and that she's a zoologist, not a palaeontologist. She says that she wants to study the rhino-like animals in more detail, as it would make a fabulous paper, but Jenny's look silences her. David suggests to Alexander that when they get back to civilisation, they request from Lowrie a member of that illustrious branch of science. Christine wants to know what's going on, and what the creatures are, but David says that it's very complicated, and not something they can discuss at the moment. They are interrupted as the second land rover pulls up, with two more SAS soldiers on board. Amanda says that she's going to stay, to observe the rhino-like beasts, as she feels it's important to possibly dealing with them somehow. Alexander says its dangerous, as the raptor predators may be around still, but she says that she's willing to take that chance. Alexander is having none of it, but David says he'll stay with her, much to Christine's annoyance. Alexander says that's fine, but he leaves one of the soldiers, Kerrans, behind to keep an eye on them. David and Amanda watch as Alexander, Christine and the SAS soldier climb on board, and they set off for the forest to catch up with the others.

At the forest, Harrison, Jessica, Hennessy, and the other two SAS soldiers take up a defensive position at the land rover. Three of the raptors burst through the forest and make for them, but Harrison convinces Hennessy and his men to fire to wound, and hopefully drive them off, which the soldiers do. The tactic works, though Porter is seriously mauled by one of the creatures. The creature is driven off when Jessica picks up the soldiers automatic weapon and fires it at the raptor. While Hennessy administers first aid to his man, the somewhat shocked and overwhelmed Jessica drops the rifle, even as Harrison says that he didn't know she had it in her. Jessica snaps something ncoherent at him, and then walks over to the land rover, and vomits.

Back at the area where the pre-historic rhinos are grazing, Amanda notes that they seem to prefer a certain type of foliage, not surprisingly as David comments, since they are out of their time and require certain nutrition. She tells him, much to the puzzlement of the soldier, Kerrans, that if they can find the Anomaly, she believes she can take care of getting both the raptors and the herbivores back through it. David is startled as she starts to move towards the rhino-like creatures, but she whispers that she knows what he's doing. "You don't have to play the hero for me," she says, but it's kind of cute." David blushes. She cautiously approaches a couple of isolate rhino beasts, tnd they snort and stamp, aware of her presence. Eventually, she manages to convince them to eat some of the delicious greenish-purple plants they seem to favour. Amanda says that she's finalised the plan, but they need to get everyone together.

As you can see, the players have finally come up with a plan for handling the creatures, though whether it will work remains to be seen. This session of the Primeval RPG went pretty well from a GM point of view, and there was some very nice player character interaction. Several of the players, notably Joanne and David, said they were starting to warm up to some of the SAS (Special Air Services) personnel, and that's good to see. Nick commented that, at times, it's interesting that he forgets about the game mechanics, as the plot has got him interested, and I love that. It's one of the things I like about the Primeval RPG system - the mechanics really do fade easily into the background. But they've also said that they dread the placement of little red marbles on the table to denote Threat. I'm pleased; that means it's working! <g>

Looking forward to the next game session.
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