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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 4

Speaking of the Primeval RPG, I might as well take this opportunity to post another blog entry about the exploits of the Friday and Sunday gaming groups. This one's a blog entry about the Sunday gaming group.

Continuing the trend of these days where I post up journal entries on sessions on the Primeval RPG for the two gaming groups, here's the notes for a session of the Sunday gaming group and the start of their second adventure. This game session took place on December 18th, 2011. You can find the previous game session all the way back here in this journal entry. This post is quite long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Fourth Session
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Gwendolyn ("Gwen") Thorpe (Tammy) is at home just before setting out to take care of some chores. She is visited by reporter Roger Jones of the London Times. He's pursuing the story about the Henderson Park business. She learns from him that Timothy Carson is a geophysics graduate student, and that James Black is an ex-con. Jones wants to know what Gwen saw, since the medical report on Timothy indicates it was not a crocodile that took a bite out of him. Jones attempts to bribe Gwen, but she's buying none of it. He raises questions of her mental stability, and the source of info on her career.

At the lab at University College London (UCL), Timothy ("Tim") Carson's (SteveR) assistant, Joanne, shows him a newspaper article about several winos deaths in Soho. They talk about the Icelandic expedition that is being planned, and Joanne says that Tim doesn't appear to be on the expedition; she tells him that he needs to go see Dr. Littlefield as soon as possible. They are interrupted by the arrival of Arthur Lorry, a suit from the Home Office. After Joanne leaves, Lorry tells Tim that he knows he's concealing something about the incident at Henderson Park, and he poo poos the idea of it having been a dinosaur. He tells Tim not to leave the country, and that his visa has been revoked, so there will be no expedition to Iceland or anywhere else in his future. Tim is extremely upset.

At his small flat, James ("Jimmy") Black (Douglas) is visited by DI Derek Jackson, and two bobbies (Emmerson and Peters). Jackson wants to know more about the Henderson Park incident due to the inconsistency of the wounds on Timothy Carson's body. While the bobbies search the place (and lay a few electronic bugs around), Jackson asks him for more details on Carson's wounds. Jimmy shows Jackson his wounds, and the DI and the bobbies realise they're not human bites. Jackson asks him about Mr. Hunter and whether he's a cop, and learns that Mr. Hunter is not. Jackson questions him about whether he's into drugs, and mentions the deaths of two winos and hopes that he's not involved.

Later at the Kensington Tours office in London, Gwen arrives and sees that Thomas Jeeves, her boss, and Caroline Spencer, her rival, are already there. She sees on the schedule that Caroline has taken over her Welsh tour of Valle Crucis Abbey. Jeeves tells her that Caroline got the tour because she claims to have Welsh ancestry, and that gave her the edge on the assignment. However, as compensation, Gwen gets the tour of the Nottingham Bridges in roughly three weeks. Gwen objects, saying that she's already done the research on the Abbey, to which Jeeves replies that she'll be glad to help Caroline by giving her the notes she's made. Caroline smiles, and states that she wants Gwen's help on the Danish tour for 300, which won't be for another six months. She agrees to think about it, especially when Jeeves says that he knows she's had other tour companies courting her.

At the university, Tim goes to see Dr. David Littlefield about the Icelandic expedition. He tells Littlefield of the visit by the Home Office man, and Littlefield says that his last field trip was eight months previously to Scotland. He's told he needs to clear up the visa business, or he will lose his tenure. Tim says that he will pay the Home Office a visit and smooth things over.

At the butcher shop where he works, Bahtia's Fine Meats, Rajesh Bahtia greets Jimmy as he arrives at the meat shoppe. There's not a lot of business in the morning. Mr. Bahtia tells him to go down and stock the coal furnace. Descending down to the basement, Jimmy finds the coal bin room door ajar. He opens the door, and starts taking coal out of the room, but stops when he finds a blackened, human leg in there, and is startled. He hears some scuttling, looks up, and sees some shadows on the wall and ceiling. He goes out of the coal bin room, hears some more scuttling, and sees what appear to be small tracks in the soot dust on the floor, possibly insectoid and around 10 cms. each in size. Believing they're not important, he calls up to Mr. Bahtia, and tells him about the human limb he's discovered. Bahtia tells him he will call the police, and says that Jimmy should make sure that nothing is disturbed.

Jimmy grabs a handheld torch and shovel, and looking around, sees that the furnace door is open. He sees the late shift fellow, Frank's, head, the body part with a horrified look on its face. Looking around, Jimmy hears more scuttling and sees insectoid-like creatures in the torch light. He goes up the stairs to tell Mr. Bahtia, and as he ascends, a drop of goop from the door frame strikes his shoulder; it is acidic, and hurts him (does 1 Strength damage). He tells Mr. Bahtia about finding Frank's head. The police arrive on the scene, and learning of the grisly details, question Jimmy about matters, but learn nothing that they can charge him with anything or hold him on.

That evening, Gwen and Tim arrive at Bahtia's Fine Meats, and recognise each other. They go in and see a relatively short queue, unusual for this time of day, and the shoppe is not all that busy. There is no sign of their usual server, Frank. Gwen talks about loud about her meat choices for the evening, and a woman named Claudia comments that she likes her choices. She tells Gwen something about what happened at the meat shoppe to Frank, as she heard it from other customers. Gwen goes up for service, and meets up with Jimmy. He serves her, and as he bends down for some meat from one of the lower shelves, sees a patch of soot beneath the edge of the lower counter. Tim is served by Mr. Bahtia, and learns that Frank has died by means of an accident in the coal bin, but when he tries to question Mr. Bahtia more, is told that he can't discuss it until the police investigation is complete.

While Jimmy serves the last customer, Bahtia goes down to the basement, and Gwen and Tim head outside and talk. They go to the edge of the nearby alley, looking for the entrance to Bahtia's coal chute. They hear a metallic flapping noise, and realise it's the coal bin door, and see around twenty spider-like creatures scuttling down the alley towards them!

This game session of the Primeval RPG had some wonderful moments in it, and I started the process of getting the player characters more involved and working with the Home Office in this one. The players did a pretty good job, both in the private lives moments and in the more Primevalesque moments, of the session, although I find that spross is struggling to get a handle on his character. When it comes down to it, Tammy's adjusting the easiest to the game system, while Doug seems to like the game and its mechanics, but has a problem with some of the elements of his character and with several of his issues with various game system mechanics, not to mention a bit of a defeatist streak that I've seen come out in recent game sessions.

That said, I'm looking forward to the next session of the game, although that won't be happening until after Christmas and into the new year.
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