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Thoughts for the New Month

So, here we are, the start of a new month - February.

So far, it looks like it's going to be a bang-up month. The snow started coming down about an hour ago as far as I can tell, and the city looks like it's going to be buried in a good 25 cms. (about 10 inches) of the white stuff, with some outlying areas getting "significantly more" accumulations (whatever that means). That said, I can see from here at the office that it's blowing a lot out there, so with luck it won't settle on my car when I get home later today.

January was a weird, topsy turvy kind of month. I had what the doctors thought might be a heart attack, but it's unclear now what it was, although the test results will be in some time in the next two weeks or so. Underwent three ECGs, an echo cardiogram, and a stress test (not my favourite things to do). Took way too much time off work for my liking due to the medical appointments and all. On the other hand, I managed to get in some excellent roleplaying with the Friday night group in the DragonQuest fantasy rpg, and had a good time with the Sunday gamers as well. Did a lot of reading this past month - 5 books, 5 RPG products (including the Compendium of Universal Knowledge for the Dying Earth rpg, and the large, superb main rulebook for the Unhallowed Metropolis rpg of Neo-Victorian horror with an edge of gas mask chic), 2 magazines, 1 graphic novel, and 26 comics (the entire run of The Victorian, which I was finally able to complete this month). So it was a pretty good run for me on books and the like.

Music-wise, I listened to a bit of this and a bit of that, and it was all good. Some Renaissance, Jethro Tull, Candye Kane, Rick Wakeman, and The Strawbs (and no, I'm not providing links to them here, you can go search on Google for the stuff!) led the way, and had a bit of classical music in there as well. Insofar as television is concerned, there hasn't been a lot on, so I have also managed to watch the first season of HBO's Rome on DVD, which I bought this month, and absolutely adored. (I am a sucker for things Roman, of course, but this was just sooooo well made that words don't do it justice.)

I have no idea what February holds in store yet, other than cleaning snow off the car, and doing some work as I prepare to start the Unhallowed Metropolis rpg PBeM game (more on that some other time), and get the final touches done on the scenarios for Hollow Earth Expedition and UnMet that I need to do for CanGames. Oh, that, and take care of my health a bit. Also need to fit in a bit more exercise, but don't we all? :)

Anyway, time for the morning break and a cup of herbal tea. That, and wishing I didn't have to drive home in the mess that I can see out the window.
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