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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Primeval RPG Session 5

Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Sunday afternoon gaming group. This session dates back to January 8th, 2012. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Fifth Session
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Gwendolyn ("Gwen") Thorpe flees into the street in terror after seeing the spiders. Once she calms down, she sees several passerbys, several of whom give her strange, sad looks. Timothy ("Tim") Carson dodges a small swarm, while several others swarm over a couple of winos in the alley. Tim backs out into the street, and is followed by the reunited swarm.

Gwen grabs up a garbage bin lid to use to protect herself and the passerbys, thinking she can possibly force the giant spiders back down the alley. She sees what appear to be the headlights of a car bearing down on them, coming in the distance. James ("Jimmy") Black emerges from the meat shoppe carrying a butcher's knife, and seeing the spiders, holds his ground. The creatures are about to attack Tim once more when Hunter's land rover arrives on the scene, running over and killing many of the spider swarm.

Hunter yells at them to get into the land rover. Spiders climb over the hood of the vehicle, and Gwen whacks one with the garbage bin lid. Jimmy does a haymaker blow to another one, killing it, and Tim launches himself into the land rover. As the land rover takes off, Jimmy quickly goes back into the meat shoppe. Going down stairs, he finds Mr. Bahtia wounded by the furnace, and sees spiders all over the place. He manages to get Mr. Bahtia upstairs, grabs the first aid kit from the bathroom, and treats Mr. Bahtia on the (fortunately) cleaned butcher's block. He thinks he's managed to stop the bleeding.

In the land rover, Gwen and Tim discover that their driver is none other than Mr. Hunter. Gwen wants to know why they're leaving Jimmy at the mercy of the spiders, but Hunter replies that Jimmy seems to have the situation under control. He says they have to get to where the real trouble is. Gwen wants to know how Hunter knew to come, but he ignores her questions on the subject. They arrive at the alley where the original two winos died, some three blocks down. Out of the windows of the land rover, the three characters can make out the reflected light of the Anomaly from the alley.

Hunter says that he knew the Anomaly was there, but he ignores Tim and Gwen's questions about how he knew it was there. Tim asks Hunter if he's got torches, and Hunter leads him to the boot of the land rover, where the two player characters see that there's a good collection of weapons under the floor panel. Tim takes a torch and a 20-gauge shotgun, Hunter grabs two short spears and a torch, and Gwen grabs one of the spears and keeps her trash bin lid. As they head down the alley cautiously, Tim sees what appears to be a wino. He goes over and takes the pulse, and is attacked by a giant spider; it bites him, and scuttles away before he can strike it.

Back at the butcher shoppe, Jimmy calls the Ambulance Services and gets help for Mr. Bahtia. He hears more scuttling, and sees shadowy figures here and there, but there is nothing in the storefront proper. He checks outside the main door of the shoppe. There are lots less spider bodies than there were before. He takes two packages of wrapped stewing beef and a torch, and descends to the basement level. He tosses one package to the corner of the hall, and sees one of Frank's missing arms go by, carried by spiders. He hears a furious scuttling behind him, and sees that the meat he tossed into the corner is gone. He throws the other package of meat to buy himself some time, and then dashes to the coal storage bin to grab a shovel, but he sees a swarm of spiders. As he dashes for the meat locker, pursued by the swarm, he knocks a portable radio off the table nearby, activating the radio. The Who's "Boris the Spider" is heard in the meat shoppe and the basement level. He barely manages to get inside the meat locker before the swarm, and is forced to lop off a spider's leg before he can get the door closed.

Back in the alley, Tim, Gwen, and Hunter talk. He tells them his first name is Daniel. He suggests that they try to get the giant spiders back through the Anomaly. Gwen's jewelry earrings try to fly off, and Hunter comments on the magnetic field. Gwen and Tim mention that they witnessed the same yhing at the Anomaly in Henderson Park.

Gwen takes the lead, and heads further down the alley towards the light. She sees that the light is coming through the coal storage room window of the business. Before she can check any further, a spider attacks from the coal chute opening. She bashes it away - it's much larger than the others they've seen. She realises the coal bin needs to be locked, as giant spiders start to pour out of the coal storage area, no doubt emerging from the Anomaly. Hunter, who had followed closely behind her, jumps forward and tries to lock the bin, but he is swarmed.

In the freezer of the meat shoppe, Jimmy detaches one of the freezer hooks, taking a piece of cloth from his undershirt to protect his hands. He also grabs an entire haunch of meat. He cautiously re-opens the freezer doors, tosses the meat out, and sees a large number of the spiders converge on it. He shuts the meat locker door as several of the spiders enter the frozen chamber. He manages to kill most of the spiders with a sweep attack using the meat hook, but one escapes. He tracks it down in the corner of the room, seemingly dead from the cold. Jimmy takes another slab of meat down from its hook, and opens the door to the meat locker. The spiders swarm into the freezer, and one attacks Jimmy but he is unharmed [he has the Tough Trait, you see!]. As the other spiders swarm all over the meat in the locker, Jimmy races out of the meat locker and slams the doors shut, locking them, and trapping them inside.

Meanwhile, Gwen gives Hunter a hand, and they manage to decimate the swarm, and thus giving Hunter the chance to wedge an object into the coal bin chute door, thus jamming it shut. He grabs Gwen, and the two of them fall back. When they look up, they see another swarm of the spiders hanging from the various wires above and the alley walls. Tim hears something behind him, and notices a swarm of the spiders scuttling down the alley behind him and the other two. He turns and fires the shotgun (both barrels), and blasts away about half the swarm of the creatures. He manages to temporarily avoid the attack of the remaining spiders, but the two player characters and Hunter realise that they are in serious trouble, and very much outnumbered.

I thought that Sunday afternoon's game of the Primeval RPG went pretty well. It was good to game with the Sunday gaming group again, and start the new year off with some decent gaming with them. The session had a little bit of everything in it, but because of time and stuff, I had to end the game session in the middle of a fight on two different fronts. Really don't like doing that, but life is what it is.

If I have one...problem, or perhaps that should be regret?, with running the Primeval RPG, it's the fact that I'm doing it without a rulebook for the game, though I do have the PDF of the early layout version of the game. Sure, I can use the laptop to run the game and have the rules handy, but I don't really want to use the computer at the gaming table these days, as I spend way too much time on the infernal machine(s) as it is. So I've been using the loose sheets from GenCon, and that's been working for me for the most part. The players are having a good time with the game, so I guess that's working too, but they have commented that they really want a character sheet for the game, as they're working off paper notes of character stuff.
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