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Home From Work on This Friday

Have just returned home from work after what can best be summed up as a boring, relaatively uneventful day.

There wasn't a lot of work on my desk to get to today, a bit surprising as that's not typical of a Friday at the office, but I'm not going to complain. Likely means that next week will be an extremely busy one, especially with the Civic Holiday coming up a week Monday.

I managed to get Dave, my ride home from work, to stop at Farm Boy and Giant Tiger, as I needed to pick up some milk, some veggies, and a few basic items for meals this weekend, and I owe him a couple of lunches out at the office. Small price to pay, and I've got veggies again to boot! :)

I'll be posting up another couple of blog entries about the Friday night and Sunday afternoon Primeval RPG campaigns that I'm running, so I hope folks are looking forward to that.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, tonight will be the last session of Primeval that Nick runs for the year. I'm kind of sad about this, as I've been enjoying getting to play the game for the month, but it will be pretty good to get back in the GM's chair as well for August.
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