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Here is the next session of the Primeval RPG campaign featuring the Sunday afternoon gaming group. This session dates back to January 15th, 2012. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.

Sixth Session
Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

James ("Jimmy") Black hears sirens coming. The EMTs arrive on the scene. He removes the protective cloth from around his hands, puts the meathook down, and heads upstairs.

In the alley, several giant spiders drop down, and Hunter spears one of them while Gwendolyn ("Gwen") Thorpe bats one away with her trash bin lid, but she suffers a bite from another of the creatures. Near Timothy ("Tim") Carson, more of the spider swarm splits up, one group attacking him, but he barely manages to avoid them. The other smaller group from the swarm and the ones overhead silently vanish without a trace, though both Tim and Gwen see several swarms going into some of the holes along the other wall of the alley.

Hunter says they need to get into the building where the Anomaly is. They go to the building front, and find that it's a beauty parlour. Hunter wants to break in, but Gwen points out that the alarm could go off. Gwen can make out that the lights are on inside, and that there's at least one body on the floor. Tim checks the door handle, and is able to open it as it's not locked. The characters enter the shoppe cautiously, and they hear scuttling as the spiders flee the light when Hunter flips the switches turning the lights on in the shoppe and over the individual stations. The three characters enter the shoppe fully, and see the partially eaten bodies of a beautician and her client. As Gwen passes a mirror, she sees her condition, shrieks, grabs a hairbrush, and hastily fixes her hair. Hunter goes and gets one of the fire extinguishers, and when Gwen goes to fetch another, she spots several of the spiders hanging above them. Gwen and Tim seek cover. Gwen fends them off with her trusty trash bin lid. The spiders scurry off, fleeing into the darkness and the shadows in the shoppe.

Hunter says that they have to go down to the basement level and find the Anomaly. He points out the two torches in the recesses that held the fire extinguishers, and Tim snatches up both of them. Gwen grabs up a large can of hairspray, and the three characters begin a cautious descent down the stairs. They reach the lower floor uneventfully, and see that the dancing lights of the torches cause many of the giant spiders present to flee through the Anomaly. While Hunter uses the fire extinguisher to kill a few of the creatures and drive the rest towards the Anomaly, Tim uses his torches for the same purpose. Gwen spots the fire extinuguisher in its alcove on the lower level near the washroom. As she goes towards it, she spots some of the spiders on the walls and ceiling, and uses her hairspray and lighter [and 2 Story Points] to incinerate them. She snatches up the fire extinguisher, and heads back to the others in time to see the Anomaly flickering. They get to herding hundreds of the giant spiders through the Anomaly. The flickering light disappears. They search the salon but find there are no more giant spiders lurking, but Hunter says they have a problem - egg sacs. Gwen viciously burns the egg sacs.

Hunter says they need to get back to the meat shoppe. Tim calls the authorities anonymously, and reports the deaths at the salon, and provides its address. He says that he will wait at the scene, but flees it with the others. As Hunter, Gwen, and Tim emerge from the beauty salon, Hunter spots a figure standing against a lamppost on the far side of the street, watching.

As the player characters head towards the building between the salon and the meat shoppe to search it, an ambulance and two police cars arrive on the scene at the meat shoppe. Two DIs and eight bobbies get out of the cars. Gwen puts the trash can lid down, and she and Hunter put the spears back in the boot of his land rover, while Hunter also takes the shotgun that Tim had and puts it back in the vehicle as well.

One of the bobbies, Constable White, asks what the player characters think they're doing. Hunter prevaricates, and when another of the bobbies approaches to find out what's going on, DI Greene notices the group. Greene comes over, and it turns out he knows Hunter, whom he calls "Daniel". Greene recognises both Gwen and Tim, and asks Hunter what's going on this time. Hunter tells him a sort of truth about it all - about the tropical spiders, infestation, three buildings, and bodies. The other fellow from the police car arrives, [Hamilton] Cartwright of the Home Office, who brings with him Captain Tom Ryan and several Special Air Service (SAS) men. As per Cartwright's orders, Ryan deploys his men. Gwen sees several spiders in the nearby alley, and Ryan dispatches several of the SAS soldiers to check it out. In the meantime, the player characters and Hunter are escorted to the meat shoppe.

At Bahtia's Fine Meats, the EMTs take Mr. Bahtia to St. Gregory's Hospital after telling Jimmy that Bahtia's condition is now stable. Bahtia makes Jimmy promise to look after the shoppe, and try and keep the place open if at all possible while he's out of action.

Mr. Cartwright, DI Greene, Captain Ryan, and the player characters as well as two SAS soldiers enter the meat shoppe. DI Greene and Jimmy have a fond reunion. Greene asks him what has happened, and Jimmy tells him the truth, but is evasive about the contents of the meat locker. Captain Ryan brings in three more of his men to search the butcher's shoppe for more of the creatures. As Cartwright and Hunter talk about the Anomalies, it becomes clear that Hunter works for the Home Office. The two discuss the player character connections and coincidences of being involved in these two affairs (the one at Henderson Park and now here in Soho). Cartwright questions Jimmy and Gwen about their sojourn through the Anomaly at Henderson Park, and while they are communicative, both balk at the idea of going through other Anomalies in future without knowing what's on the other side. Hunter's recommendation is that they can handle themselves. Cartwright hints at a job opportunity for Gwendolyn, but she refuses to all intents and purposes. The SAS soldiers return to tell Cartwright and DI Greene the revelation of the two hundred or so giant spiders in the meat freezer. Cartwright tell them to take three specimens as samples, and to destroy the rest of the creatures. They hear the sound of gunfire from outside the meat shoppe.

Cartwright threatens the player characters with official sanctions if they talk about the events of Henderson Park and Soho, and invokes the Official Secrets Act. The SAS squads and several clean-up teams under Captain Ryan proceed to question people on the streets, clean up evidence of the spiders' presence, and make it look like nothing happened at all.

DI Greene and several of the bobbies escort the player characters to the local police station to give a statement. They are to tell the truth, as these statements are unofficial, and will never go on the record, and are to be kept secret in an unknown Home Office location.

This game session wrapped up the second scenario for the Sunday group's Primeval campaign. I thought the scenario went pretty well, to be honest, and the players managed to deal with the over-sized arachnids to the best of their ability, and got plenty of reliable help in the process. This led to a minute change in the status of the player characters, but also highlighted the problem inherent with Douglas's character of James Black. The character is an ex-con, somewhat violent in his physical efforts, and seemingly a bit callous about his fellow man and woman. The character doesn't seem the right sort for the Home Office, and doesn't fit in with the Primeval style of play and attitude that the show has, and his fellow player characters don't seem to have a lot of trust in him.

That said, the players are still in agreement that the game mechanics are pretty nifty, and that the Primeval RPG really does emulate the tv series quite well. Tammy and spross seem to like the game mechanics well enough, and feel that there's plenty of stories yet to tell with this game. I agree. Looking forward to the next scenario.


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