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More Sunday Morning Thoughts

Have survived the morning, though I did take a twenty-minute nap.

Had a chat with my friend, knightbane, this morning, and chatted about all manner of stuff.

I managed to do a bit more vacuuming downstairs in the hallway and cleaned out some more of the dirt and dust there. Back hurts like the dickens now.

I managed to get on to LiveJournal (this is the third time today), and blogged about the wee morning hours on the Sunday and two more entries in the continuing Primeval RPG chronicles of my Friday and Sunday gaming groups. Bringing back some fond memories of those games (and some not-so-fond ones).

Speaking of the Primeval RPG, spross will be running his game this afternoon with Tammy and myself as players (yes, still trying to find more players for my Sunday group, but no luck so far). He's actually only run one game session this month, and today will be the second. And last week's was not one that I would deem successful. I don't know if he'll be able to run a complete scenario today, but we'll see. If not, he's going to be able to keep running until it's finished. If he decides he wants to.

I may go back in the shower now just to see if it will wake me up.
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