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Sunday Afternoon Primeval RPG Game Thoughts

And so gaming is done for the day.

And my hiatus from GMing rpgs is done for the year. Sadly. I would have liked another month of being a player, to be honest.

In any event... spross wrapped up the Primeval RPG game that he was running this afternoon. He managed about a session and a half of gaming this over the month, with a week lost due to Tammy being ill and the first week with Tammy and myself creating characters. The session of the game was pretty decent today, and I have to say that I enjoyed myself for the most part.

I say for the most part, because I felt railroaded for about ten minutes. I burned off a whole load of Story Points trying to use my pretty decent Convince abilities to get out of being (possibly 'napped and) taken to see a nasty person, but no matter what I did, it seemed like the plot called for me to be taken regardless. As it turned out that didn't happen anyway, because the creature showed up and ate my potential 'nappers, but... I spent five (5) precious Story Points accomplishing nothing, even with a roll of 29 on one of the Convince rolls, all to no avail. And, even sadder in some ways, was the fact that my character and Tammy's never actually met, except for a fleeting two-ships-pass-in-the-night sequence when we were taken for "debriefing" in the military base.

While the game was somewhat enjoyable, there were some plot holes that one could drive a semi through, and spross was a bit heavy-handed with some situations and not really wise in terms of some of the rules usage. The biggest problem I had was the lack of descriptiveness. It's hard to decide whether to make a perception check or not when the description is generic and a bit lacklustre. These points really reflect the lack of experience running that he has, but also the definite lack of preparation in terms of the scenario that were evident. That's all right. He has until next July to figure out how to clean up the continuity in the scenario. :)

When all is said and done, I'm glad that spross ran the game of Primeval and that I got the chance to play the game. Even if I could wish that it had gone another two to three game sessions.

Anyway, time to upstairs and make some grub for supper.
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