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Blood Test (Butchery)

What a weird and interesting day today has been, and not necessarily in a good way.

Went this morning for my tri-monthly diabetes blood tests. Normally, the process takes about ten (10) or so minutes, but today was not the case. When I sat down in the little cubicle, I found myself at the mercy of a new nurse/technician. These are always stressful times, because when they insert the needle and draw the blood, you never know how smooth and painless it's going to be. The nurse had a pretty good touch, and I didn't feel much at all as the needle went in. She had told me that she needed to take five vials of blood, so I thought it wasn't a big deal. The first vial went fine, and she removed it...and then said, "I've lost the vein."

Without going into any more detail, suffice it to say that it was another half an hour before I left there, both my left and right arms looking like I'm a drug user in the elbow area where the blood was drawn, and my arms were starting to bruise somewhat and hurt when I moved them.

I had agreed to meet spross at Denny's for breakfast between 8:00 and 8:30 pm, but I didn't arrive there until close to 8:30 am. Breakfast was pretty good, but they don't do a decaf coffee that is as good as the one I make at home.

After leaving Denny's, I headed home for a while to try and relax and rest up a bit, and went in to work around 12:45 pm. I had a spot of late lunch at work around 2:00 pm, and went home around 4:00, having cleaned off my desk from work. I even found some time to work with Donna on her character for Unhallowed Metropolis for the Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game that I've just started up.

Have just arrived home. My arms ache like the Dickens, and I'm bruising quite nicely, thank you.

I need a cup of tea before I do anything else.
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