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Walk-in Clinic Woes

I have just spent almost three hours in a walk-in clinic.

As noted in earlier blog entries, I've been feeling somewhat under the weather the last few days, and while I still went to work this week, other than when I had the appointment with the neurologist, I've been feeling pretty blah.

This morning, work was pretty rough for me because I was very busy on the current project I'm working on, but I felt somewhat sicker today, and I started having a bad cough this morning. I told the boss that I was going to leave early and he agreed with this, as I suppose he didn't want me infecting the office staff. I couldn't go to my family doctor, as he's away on vacation for another two weeks, and I didn't want to go to the hospital for reasons that have been discussed elsewhere and when in this blog ad nauseum. And the fact that the long weekend is approaching made me not want to go to the hospital. So I went to one of the medical clinics in the Bank Street area that has a good reputation.

Suffice it to say that I sat and waited for 1-1/2 hours in a relatively empty waiting room waiting to see the doctor. The shift change occurred at the clinic at 2:00 pm, but because the doctor didn't show up until 2:30 pm, I didn't get to see her until... well, let's just say late. She sent me for an x-ray at my request, but nothing will be back on that until after the long weekend...though they will call me with the results, rather than insisting that I come in to the office.

The upshot of it all? With the pain and swelling in my ears and neck (yes, it's on both sides now), my severely irritated mouth and throat, the somewhat dry cough, the chest ache/pain, and my loss of voice... there's nothing physically wrong with me. She couldn't find anything. And I'll bet the chest x-ray comes back clear.

So I'm sick, and there's nothing physically wrong with me. Great. :(
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