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Who Will the New Doctor Be?

I've been meaning to say something about this since I heard, but just hadn't gotten around to it.

For those who are fans of tv science fiction series, most of you have likely heard the news already. The BBC have announced that the new, 12th actor to play the Doctor in Doctor Who will be announced live tomorrow at 7:00 pm UK time (2 pm Ottawa time).

While there are a few bets on who's likely to be announced as the new Doctor, I can't say at this point that I actually care. The speculation on this has been rampant for the last few months since it was announced that Matt Smith would be leaving the role, but I haven't been enamoured of the series the last couple of years. Sure, I've been watching it, but primarily because there's not all that much science fiction, good or bad, actually on the air these days.

Personally, I'd love to see an older actor take over the role, but don't know whether that's a possibility at all. Just know that I prefer Classic Who to New Who.
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