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Saturday Woes

Just got a call from my mom.

She called an amubulance this morning, and went to the hospital. Vomiting, lower back pain, and some other symptoms that have persisted for a day or so. They've started with blood tests, urine tests, and are sending her for an ultrasound, and depending what that shows, they may send her for an MRI as well. She didn't want to worry me, knowing how wretched and stressed I'm feeling at the moment, but she felt she needed to let me know where she was. She also said that, given how I'm sick myself with something, that I'm not to visit the hospital.

To make matters worse (if certainly interesting), my bloody mobile phone has died on me!

No idea what I'm going to do at the moment.
Tags: health, hospital, mobile phone, mom, problems, sickness

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