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Lousy Saturday

Just got back from downtown Ottawa.

I went and took the mobile phone to one of the two service centers for WIND in the Ottawa region. It turns out that my battery was fine so it's probably the phone. One way or the other I'll get my Nexus back or WIND will be replacing it with another, possibly upgraded phone.

I've now got a temporary phone for around two weeks while my Samsung Nexus is out for repairs. Problem is... No one told me that there was a function on the damn phone to backup all the information on the phone to the SIM card. As a result, none of the information from the Nexus is transferred to the temporary phone, though it's got my default settings if you can call it that on the LG whatever-this-is. So I've lost all the phone numbers and information that I might have needed. Including mom's mobile phone number. Which I need, 'cause she's still in the hospital.

As far as I've heard, there's no progress with her condition, though she told me that she does feel somewhat better. They finally ran the ultrasound around 3:00 pm, and then she had to wait. When I last spoke to her, she was being seen by a doctor (who I'm not sure), so I have to wait until she calls me here at home again.

In the meantime, I'm dealing with all kinds of other problems right now. My paycheck did not get delivered on Thursday, so I've got no money for some of the groceries I need, and my bank account (like my pocket) is skint.

Great long weekend. *NOT*!
Tags: health, hospital, mobile phone, mom, personal, problems, sickness, tests

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