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And the New Doctor Is...

The new actor to play the role of the Doctor in Doctor Who has been cast!

55-year-old actor Peter Capaldi has been selected as the 12th Doctor for the iconic BBC series.

Capaldi's credits are quite wonderful, and he will be seen in the BBC's The Three Musketeers before he appears on-screen as the new face of Doctor Who.

I think it's interesting that Moffatt has cast an older actor in the role of the Doctor this time around, after the three relative youngsters to play the role in New Who. Capaldi is the same age that William Hartnell was when he started to play the Doctor way back in the beginning. However, Hartnell was slightly older when he appeared, making Capaldi the second oldest out of the twelve. They are followed by Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, who was 50 years old when he joined Doctor Who in 1970. I I think the series will take on a new, different life with the older actor in the role. How the younger fans, who have only seen younger actors that they can relate to in the role, will react to Capaldi is another matter.

That said, here are Ten Things You Should Know about Peter Capaldi.
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