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It's a Friday!

Friday morning. Happy that the weekend is just around the corner. I think.

Woke up this morning to the alarm, and was pretty groggy until after breakfast and showering, due to staying up late last night to watch Continuum and the season finale. The episode was somewhat enjoyable, highly confusing, cleared up a few things, raised all manner of new questions, and had a couple of "WTF" moments to it as well. I think I'm looking forward to Season Three. But I do wish the DVDs for the show were available in Canada already through Amazon Canada. I refuse to pay American $s for the show on DVD. Anyway, enough of the negative. It was enjoyable watching late at night, but I really need to get more sleep.

Work this morning has been all right, and the boss has been calm and collected. I'm just very busy at work this morning, and this is a good thing.

I need to stop off on the way home and pick up some groceries for the weekend, notbably some vegetables and salad fixings that I've run out of, but otherwise I'm relatively all right today.

This evening, I'll be playing (well, running the game) the Primeval RPG with the Friday group. I'm looking forward to the session, and have to say that I've calmed down a bit about gaming and stuff over the last few days, though I've still got to figure a few things out for stuff. But one step at a time. Looking forward to tonight's session. And if the weekend gives me a bit of time to do so, I'll be posting a few blog entries of gaming sessions.
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