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Last Night's Primeval Game

I woke up this morning somewhat groggy, but quite pleased with myself.

Last night, the Friday gaming group continued the Primeval RPG campaign that they are involved in, and the group had a pretty good time of it overall. The game session itself went pretty well, and the characters had a bit of everything going on in this one, though one of the players got more "highlight moments" than any other in this session. Angela and David, the two relative newcomers to the Friday night group, commented yet again how easy and simple the Vortex system is to work with. Everyone agreed that it was a lively session. The highlight for me was how terrified the players were to see 16 Threat markers on the board at one point!

What was the creature(s)? That would be telling... So you'll have to wait until I blog the game session! :)
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