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Blood Test Botch

I am now convinced that I am cursed this week.

I received back the results of my diabetes blood tests that I had taken on Monday - or I would have, if the test hadn't been botched by the nurse/technician trying to find my veins. The blood results came back with "Grossly hemolyzed specimens received. Unsuitable for testing. Please repeat."

When I called the lab for the Result Inquiry, I was told that there are various reasons for the blood samples to hemolyze, but that one of the causes is problems drawing the sample. I have to go back in there, probably on Friday. They'll just have to figure out how to take the sample, since the nurse/technician left my arms bruised and nasty.

I was diagnosed with diabetes towards the end of 2004, and have blood tests done every three (3) months, sometimes more frequently than that, and have never had this kind of test result - or my arms looking like...well, never mind what they look like.

Dammit! :
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