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Back Pain and Sunday Gaming

A lovely day so far today, though it's supposed to get somewhat warm this afternoon.

I've taken a morning walk already today, and have been relaxing at the house since I got back. I tweaked my back on the left side somehow yesterday, and have not been feeling good in that regard since I woke up this morning, but felt that the walk outside might help. It was a painful walk, so I've been icing my back since I came in from the walk.

In the meantime, I'll be gaming with the Sunday gaming group this afternoon. I'll be running the continuing Primeval RPG campaign that they're involved with. I'm rather looking forward to this, and hope that it will distract me somewhat from the back pain issues and some of the other stuff going on right now. And we'll see what happens in the game session of course, since they have an interesting dilemma on their hands.
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