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Catching Up on the News

Yes, I know, it has been a week since I last blogged. *sigh* I've been feeling pretty much like a chicken without a head for most of this period, to be honest, and have been keeping so busy with stuff that...well, I'll get to that in another blog entry. Just a few news observations first:

The Writers' Strike is Over!

This is terrific news to hear, although I suspect that we've all been expecting this for a couple of days now. I'm glad they stuck to their guns, and didn't back down, and while there won't be new episodes of our favourite shows on for a while, at least there will likely be a Fall season. What will happen to the tv pilots is another matter. coffeeem summed things up nicely:

"The results of this strike aren't limited to the new contract. It also produced a new interaction of audience and fans with their entertainment media. The writers heard you...and the Companies heard you, too."

Roy Scheider Dies

Most of us remember actor Roy Scheider for his work in Jaws and some other stuff, and this is a sad loss for Hollywood and for quality acting in general. I also enjoyed his work in All That Jazz, too.

Steve Gerber Dies at Age 60

Once upon a time, there was a triad of comic writers - Archie Goodwin, Len Wein, and Steve Gerber - who wrote comics that had the weirdness, the freshness to them, that made me enjoy comics and read them with a sensawonda. Archie Goodwin died some ten years ago, and with the loss of Steve Gerber, comics may never be the same again. Thank goodness Len Wein continues to put up the good fight. His writing on The Victorian title for Penny Farthing Press was sheer magic.
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