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At the Office

Just got in to the office.

I went to the Riverside Hospital for the blood tests and stuff this morning, as it's where the Diabetes Clinic is located, so that's done. Funny moment happened. When the technician was getting ready to take my blood and checked the forms necessary, she asked if I'd given them a large enough urine sample. Turns out they needed more than usual, because there are three different tests being performed on it. So she went to check, and came back to say that everything was good. My arm doesn't hurt too much from the six (6) vials of blood taken, and the technician in question had a good touch with the needle. Hope I don't bruise too much.

After the blood tests, I went over to the local Denny's at South Keys and at a good breakfast. Veggie omelette with a couple of panckes, a slice of whole wheat toast, no bacon or sausage, and washed down with morning pills and decaf coffee. My body needed that.

Anyway, a bit of a pile of work to get to on my desk this morning, so time to get to it.
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