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Stresses of Life

Woke up this morning with a blinding headache, pain in parts of my body that I'd rather not have pain in, and suffering from cramps in my writing (right) hand.

While I like the Bell Fibe TV to some extent, I can't say I'm happy with losing some of the tv stations that I had access to. My bigger problem with it is that the tv is now like a frelling (anybody recognise the source of that word? :)) computer-cum smartphone tv, and I'm having to access everything with almost a keyboard-like effort on the tv remote. This is due to the fact that I've not figured out what I'm doing with it and how to program certain stuff yet, but even so... hand hurts like hell. (And typing's not helping any right now.)

In the meantime, work is work. The boss is rather quiet this morning, so all's good on that front. But I've got other problems at home at the moment that have me quite stressed. More on that later.
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