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Got My Mobile Phone Back, Sort Of

Came back from downtown a couple of hours ago.

Remember the problems I was having with my Samsung Nexus mobile phone? (If not, please read this journal entry, then this journal entry.)

The folks from WIND Mobile called to tell me that my mobile phone has been repaired, so I was able to go to the downtown store with spross and pick up my phone. The phone had the expected problems - the connections to the power system and to the battery were loose and/or dead, and so were completely replaced. Unfortunately, the phone was set to the factory defaults. And since no one told me when I bought the phone that there was a necessity and function to back the phone info up to the chip (which can't be done on this model of phone, as it turns out), all my data, people info, pics, and the like are lost! So it's like I've got a brand new phone that I need to start all over with again. Dammit!

So, for those of you who are friends with me and by phone, can you please send me a text message or whatever and include a nice photo of yourself that I can add to my phone lists? (Among other things.) Thanks. :)
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