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A Quiet Saturday Night

Spent a relatively restful, uneventful evening last night after supper.

I had recorded the Friday night episode of Queen of Swords off CHCH to check whether the PVR worked and what sort of learning curve I would have with that. No difficulty, at all. PVR recording is much sharper than VCR recording, isn't it? <g> I was a bit surprised to find that it wasn't an HD series, but I guess that's to be expected given how old the show is. :)

After watching the episode, I did a bit of reading. I've been stuck on one of the books I'm reading for most of the month, and am really struggling with it for some reason. While I am enjoying the book itself, I find myself slogging through parts of it. Mind you, the speed at which I read books has slowed down tremendously the last few years, possibly due to my age and a few other factors that aren't relevant to this post.

Before going downstairs to bed, I did a bit of work on the Primeval RPG stuff for the next couple of weeks. Pre-planning and all that, as they say.

Then went to bed, and read a bit of this month's issue of Locus magazine. (It always comes later in the month, so I try not to fall too far behind in my reading of the magazine and seeing what books might interest me. No wonder my reading queue is so...large.)
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