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The Week That Was...

Anyway, as promised, here's what's been going on of late. As I mentioned, I've been feeling pretty much like a chicken without a head for most of this period, to be honest, and have been keeping so busy with stuff that...

As folks who read my journal know, the past couple of weeks had been really bad, with all sorts of shit going down and to be honest, I was not a happy camper and all.

This past week has just been busy, For one thing, the e-mail feed went down again just as I was trying to make arrangements for all sorts of things. This wouldn't be as bad as one might think, except for the fact that the feed had only been up again for around three days or so before it went down again. The weird thing was that I was able to access the net and all, but couldn't get e-mail, as the mail server was down. Couldn't even get through on the phone to the provider to find out what was wrong, as the lines were constantly jammed.

Work has been busy as well, especially with the snow storms we've had making travel back and forth to work difficult. There was another 11 cms. of snow dumped on the city last night, so the drive to work today was not fun.

The e-mail problems occurred while in the middle of making plans to go to Gen Con Indy this year, and I was trying tko look at flights and set up hotel arrangements and all, as spross is going to go down for the convention with me. While he's going down there wanting to experience the large gaming convention (he's only been to CanGames here in Ottawa), I'm going down there for the social stuff and for making a few RPG business contacts, possibly. Due to my own foolishness, ignorance, and stupidity (not necessarily in that order), I've ended up at what may well be the worst hotel of the lot for Gen Con, but will just have to live with that.

On top of that, I need to get back into the swing of things with demos and the like for the Hollow Earth Expedition rpg, and was in the process of setting up a demo at the Comic Book Shoppe here in Ottawa for March. More on that closer to the end of February, but the game is set for the 8th of the month. So that's good. Speaking of stuff along those lines, the CanGames tournaments for both HEX and Unhallowed Metropolis are both set up, and I've also arranged to run some HEX stuff at Gen Con as well.

The Friday night and Sunday afternoon gaming groups are creating their characters for the Unhallowed Metropolis games, and are having a terrific time with that. Cool game system, but lacking in a few regards insofar as choices for player character types (what the system calls Callings).

On the subject of Unhallowed Metropolis, I have launched a Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game of UnMet over on Yahoo Groups. You can check the link just provided for more information on this Neo-Victorian horror rpg of gas mask chic, and to check out the mailing list for the PBeM game, go to the

UnMet: Tales of the Neo-Victorian Age

page, and asee what's there. Should be an interesting game we've got there once character generation is wrapped up. Oh, as a side note, there are nine players currently set to play in the game, but there are ten (10) slots - so one is unfilled. If you're interested in playing in the PBeM, get in touch with me. First come, first served, as they say. :)

Finally, last but not least, I have been considering something... I could use a bit more money to pay for the Gen Con trip and all, and thought that I might use my blog here to do a flea market kind of thing, and sell off some gaming stuff and sf and fantasy books as well. Anyone else done that here? And any thoughts on this?
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