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Monday Morning Thoughts

Monday morning. The start of another work week.

Got to bed very late last night after watching the fifth episode of Broadchurch on Showcase (more on the episode later in another post), but was up and feeling quite chipper this morning.

The work day got off to a busy start, as the project I'm working on is into high gear, though we're dependent on the somewhat slow network this morning to get things done. So I work in spurts, then wait, and then work in spurts again. The boss is relatively calm this morning, as work seems to be going along at a pace that he considers adequate, In the meantime, one just does what one can.

The week is going to be somewhat complicated as I've got to go for my three-month Diabetes Clinic appointment with the specialist on Wednesday. I know that I've not been doing too well with the diet and all, but with all the stress I've had the past few months, I can't say I'm surprised and have been doing my best. I'm a little bit scared and worried about what the specialist will say and what he'll do, but I guess this will depend on the latest a1C reading and the blood test results. On Thursday, it's off to my six-week Footcare Clinic appointment, and I'm glad about that. The nails are getting a mite discomfiting, and I'll be discussing doing the footcare thing every 5 weeks with my footcare nurse.

In the meantime, I am gradually reassembling my mobile phone contacts list (haven't gotten any photos from my friends yet who are on my contact list) and finding some of the apps that I am in need of again. It's not going to be set up like the last version of the phone was, but one step at a time.
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