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Broadchurch Thoughts 5 (No Spoilers)

Just getting ready to get back to work after lunch, but figured I'd take time to jot this post down.

I managed to stay up last night, and caught the latest episode of Broadchurch on Showcase Canada.

Oh, wow.

While I know that we're reaching the end of this series slowly but surely (this was the fifth of eight episodes in the series run), I have to say that Broadchurch continues to surprise me, in pleasant ways. The relationship between DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) continues to develop in unexpected ways, the background set of characters is being developed as individuals as well as having some neat group dynamics, and yet the mystery of who killed Danny Latimer continues to be at the forefront.

While the series started out with a simple premise that brought all these characters together in what seemed straightforward ways, the writing has caused the characters to evolve personalities of their own, and the plot has taken unexpected twists and turns. The seaside town of Broadchurch has a personality of its own that enhances the viewing experience, and to be honest, characters that I didn't really make much of have taken on more central roles as the story progresses. Last night's episode's conclusion didn't shock me, as I saw it coming, but the way the end of the episode evolved was lovely to watch. American tv series and movie makers could learn a lot from the crisp writing and evocative direction that Broadchurch so lovingly brings to bear on the story.

Can't wait for tonight's episode six. And definitely need to buy the DVDs of this show when they become available here in Canada. I really feel that I'm missing some of the little details, and watching this a second, third, or even eighth time will likely reveal stuff that I haven't seen on this first viewing.
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