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Friday Morning Thoughts

Friday morning. End of the work week today.

The weather in Ottawa has cooled off somewhat for the last couple of days, and I've been much more comfortable in so many ways. The heat will return during the weekend, but I'm going to savour the relatively cool weather while I've got the chance.

If the weather holds as it is right now, I'll take the opportunity during lunch to have a bit of a walk and get some exercise, something the doctor and I agreed on I need to get more of. And I'm thinking of having some salad and a bit of soup for lunch today, something light, as my tummy's been bothering me for a couple of days now.

This evening is, as usual, spoken for. I'll be gaming with the Friday night group this evening, and am looking forward to that. The Primeval campaign is coming along quite nicely, and the players are having a good time with it.
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